New Adelaide Paleo Admin – Glen’s Journey

Hi everyone,

I am honoured to come on-board as a new admin for Adelaide Paleo and to help out Stacey. I am really looking forward to sharing my journey and experiences with you all. We are planning some great group activities, so please stay tuned. So for now, let me introduce myself…

My name is Glen. I have been living a lifestyle of “JERF‘ing” for a few years now and have turned my life around from depression, being overweight and always getting sick just to name a few of the challenges. These dark days all stemmed from being teased and bullied at school & not feeling good enough, which in turn led to drug and alcohol use to mask the real me and to try and fit in as a youth. So as a result of my actions and choices at the time, i was treading my way down a unhealthy and very toxic environment.

Then after losing my older brother suddenly in a car accident and seeing the effects and struggle of cancer with my grandmother first hand shortly after. In the same week I lost my job, i realised I was not equipped to deal with that at all. I turned to more of what i knew at the time to mask the pain and feelings from there and dug myself deeper towards rock bottom. This point of rock bottom hit at the start of 2013 after my birthday, i was in a very dark place and i was considering not being here anymore by taking my own life.

I wouldn’t wish this place on anyone, but now i am extremely grateful for being in that situation and the learnings i have today from it. It was at this point, i realised that there has to be more to life and that i needed to stop hiding away from myself and my own feelings. This opened my eyes to seeing what is really possible in life and for that i am extremely thankful.

As my journey has taken me through quite a lot of struggle, pain and massive learnings, I have now studied under numerous leaders in their fields to primarily improve my own life. This has been able to overflow into helping others through my experiences and learnings to launch my own holistic lifestyle coaching business “BPM Holistic Wellness“.

My Paleo journey also stemmed from hitting rock bottom. I was always interested and passsionate about being healthy but before that i was always distracted by trying to fit in. I instantly quit the partying lifestyle and started to focus on myself. This resulted in me losing significant weight and finding my passion for life again. At the time i did not know i was eating Paleo, except that i was eating real food and not processed crap. After hearing about the podcast “That Paleo Show“, i was very skeptical at the time but i still downloaded the first few episodes which explained what the Paleo lifestyle was all about. I was then hooked on learning as much as i can and implementing it into my own life.

I am delighted to have been asked to come on board as an admin here and i’m looking forward to getting to know you all. So please introduce yourself and share some of your story with us so I can see where you have come from or where you are heading.

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Glen 🙂

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