Nature Play SA Family Day Out

The spring sunshine may be taking a while to kick in with the recent storms and gloomy skies in Adelaide. The Sunday of the October long weekend in SA went against all the trends of the previous weeks though. What a beautiful day it turned out to be for the opening of the Nature Play SA Festival. For more info on the festival and events check out the program here.

The crew from Nature Play SA are doing a great job in encouraging outdoor play for kids and big kids alike. The event was set in the Wilfred Taylor Reserve which is a great location in the southern suburbs. It is filled with numerous ovals, play areas, walking trails and a creek system that was streaming full of water on the day. The facilities and activities provided were well thought out and it got the kids from every age off their electronics for a few hours. Luckily we packed our own picnic for the day though, the choices from the food van were limited to generic fast food options.

From a Paleo point of view it is great to get out into nature and be encouraged to have fun in the natural world. My philosophy on the Paleo lifestyle is all about getting back in touch with nature and enjoying the simple things in life. I enjoyed walking the trails and creek barefoot whilst having fun with the family. Even our autistic 9 year old pushed through some comfort zones and got his feet wet in the creek. For anyone with a kid that faces big barriers daily, this was a big achievement!


We are in no way affiliated with Nature Play SA here at Adelaide Paleo but I do love that they are doing some great things for the community and the next generation of kids. Even us adults could do with less screen time and get back out into nature more often. There is a lot of research happening these days about the effects of “Vitamin Nature” (Vitamin N) and how it can benefit our daily lives.

Now that the sun is showing a bit more often in Adelaide, I think now is the perfect time to get outdoors and have some fun. So let’s get interactive and share your favourite places to go and soak up some “Vitamin N”! I will be sharing mine over the next few months and hopefully I can check out yours too!

Glen 🙂


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