Wakefield Grange Spring Farm Fair – Free Recipe Included 

On a windy and wet Sunday, local livestock producer “Wakefield Grange” had their annual spring farm fair at the farm in Wattle Flat, South Australia. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest for a spring fair but the farm and butcher shop was still open to the public and the stall holders that braved the weather were still cheery when we went through in the afternoon.

Wakefield Grange is a family owned farm and meat retailer showcasing great quality, locally produced meat. The meat they produce and sell is all 100% grass fed from the Fleurieu Peninsula and you can tell they have passion for the produce they sell.

We visited the farm fair and we stocked up on some meat whilst there so it was a great trip.

Now you can enjoy the pics and rough recipe that I made with some lamb drumsticks we purchased. Paleo doesnt have to be fancy or difficult. This is a quick and simple meat and three veg meal which is a staple in our household. Please note I am not a chef, cook or anything even close but I do love putting together meals from scratch and seeing what works and doesn’t. So give it a go…

Fresh out the bag before seasoning. These lamb drumsticks are different to normal shanks. These are from the rear legs of the animal and they have quite a lot more meat than the front ones.

As you can see from the above picture the drumsticks are scored on the tops to allow for room to move and for flavour to spread. Conveniently this was already scored by the butchers so that was one less job for me to do.

I started by sprinkling the meat with some mixed herbs, ginger, cumin, minced garlic and rock salt and then rubbing this into the meat and all over. Ideally I would have liked to let this sit and soak up the flavour more, but due to time constrains I chucked it in the oven at about 180-200°c (depending on oven).

After about 15-20 mins I chopped up some carrots, beetroot and sweet potato (not pictured) and put them in the oven. The sweet potato went on a separate tray to bake and crisp up. After you return these all to oven and go and do a workout or some meditation as you have some time to kill now.

Now after another 30-45 mins and after checking occasionally this was all finished and ready to serve up with the sweet potato chips.

It’s that simple, just put in and take out once done. A lot of people get caught up with fears about roasting foods but if you can see that it is not burning on the outside and also cooking evenly then you have nothing to worry about. Depending on your oven, if you never have the temperature below 180°c or above 220°c and allow for around 30 mins for every 500grams you cant fail. If it is over cooked or under cooked just take note of how long you had it in there and the temp and adjust it for next time.
Thank you to Wakefield Grange for opening up the farm and supplying the brilliant tasting and tender meat for this meal. It satisfied the whole family!

Glen 🙂

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