Gluten Free (Paleo) Salt and Pepper Squid! 

Just a quick lititle recipe for you all. Salt and pepper squid! 

This was a quick school holiday snack idea. It was a massive success for our 9 year old who is hit and miss in what he eats at the moment. So to have him asking for more was a great feeling! 


  • 2 x Calamari Squid Tubes 
  • 1 – 2 Whole Eggs
  • 100-150g Gluten Free Flour (Coconut, Tapioca etc)*
  • 100-150g Gluten Free Breadcrumbs* 
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper to Taste  
  • Coconut oil to fry


  1. Make sure squid tubes are clean and free from any cartridge or stringy bits. 
  2. Score the surface of the tubes on both sides, cross ways with a knife. Careful not to go all the way through. 
  3. Slice in strips which will create rings. 
  4. Separate the flour, eggs and crumbs into separate bowls. Add sea salt and pepper to the crumb bowl and mix in. Then dip the squid into the flour, eggs and crumbs (in that order) and crumb to preference. You may find that if you are heavy with the ingredients you will need more than what is said above. Each person likes different amount of crumbs etc. 
  5. Heat a wok or fry pan with coconut oil on medium heat. Put the squid into the fry pan and cook on both sides until golden brown in colour. Careful not to over cook the squid as it can go rubbery. 
  6. Plate and serve with salad or have on their own as a quick snack for yourself or kids. 

* Quantities may vary. Use as a rough guide, as each person is different in their method and may have a heavy hand or not. 

* For the crumbs you can use gluten free bread crumbs, LSA mix, almond meal/crushed, macadamia nut meal/crushed or any other gluten free crumb. 

Let us know what you think of this recipe and please post comments and pics if you give it a go. 

Comment below with your favourite go to snack for school holidays, your kids or yourself…

Glen 🙂

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