About us

A group of like-minded individuals interested in the Paleo lifestyle, learning and sharing more about the Paleo lifestyle, new research, books, recipes and food sources in Adelaide. We aim to meetup once a month casually at the amazing Paleo Cafe Hyde Park, have an outdoor even and a guest speaker event each month. Join our discussion on our Facebook group: Adelaide Paleo Group and share our Facebook page: Adelaide Paleo.

We have two contributors to Adelaide Paleo. Glen Lomman from BPM Holistic Wellness and Stacey Kirsch from Nourish: body, life & soul. Both have the passion and dedication to help others in their journey to wellness through paleo and real food principles whilst incorporating movement and mindset.

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  1. Hi, We’re not sure if this post is allowed, so please delete if inappropriate.
    We’re a farming family from the Riverland, SA who sell our organic, pasture-fed beef and lamb directly to customers via our website http://www.borderparkorganics.com.au. We specialise in providing affordable, nutritious, no-waste options. We have collection points around SA and VIC, and offer monthly opportunities to purchase our products. We’re not sure if there is an appropriate place to promote our products, so thought we’d ask! We’d be happy to chat with you over the phone if you’d prefer. Our number is 08 8587 2192. We look forward to hearing back from you. Kindly, Josh and Peri McIntosh, Border Park Organics, Taplan, SA.


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