Gheelicious Raw Choc Bombs

It's simple, it's nut free, it's dairy free, it's gluten free, It's guilt free & it's certainly not fat free... It's paleo, it's primal, it's keto it's raw & it's vegetarian with the option for vegans... It's brown, it's got bits, it's eaten cold, it's non judgmental & it passed the wife test....

April Event – with Fat Adapted Athlete and Paleo Dad Hayden Maher

Sat April 29th 2pm – 4pm Hayden Maher – Fat Adapted Athlete – Paleo Dad Hayden will share with us his struggles with IBS, carb loading, having kids and how encouragement from his wife to ‘give paleo a go’, improved his health and quality of life immensely. You will also learn what paleo means to... Continue Reading →

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